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Grand Champion
Windemere's Dusting of White at Pevyne

DUSTY has been semi-retired from the ring and took a vacation to Oregon in 2013 where he sired several litters for me here at Windemere. His children are doing him proud and he is now back at home with Cody in Reno where he is carrying on his legacy.

He finished 2012 as the #1 Pekingese in the country, the #4 toy dog and the # 19 dog of all breeds. Cody and I are both proud of his outstanding record, but most of all for his extreme soundness, impeccable movement, glamour and ability to pass these traits on to the next generation.


BOB from the Classes with Martha Olmos

Ch. Windemere's Dusting Of White At Pevyne, April 2010

Ch. Windemere's Dusting of White

Dusty, BOB, at Pekingese Assn. July, 2011

Gr. Ch. Windemere's Dusting of White At Pevyne BISS
Dusty, Group 1, Lizard Butte KC, Boise ID
Dusty, Group 1, Idaho Capital City, Boise, ID

Dusty, BISA,Idaho Capital City, Boise ID, October 2011

Dusty Ready for the Ring

Dusty, CCKC, 12-11 BISA
Dusty, Group 1 DFAO, Jan 2012

Dusty waiting for BIS

Dusty, Cody and the BISA ribbon

Dusty, BISA, DFAO, Jan 2012

Dusty, Group 1, Golden Gate, Feb. 2012

Dusty, Group 1, Golden Gate, 2012

Dusty, BISA, Linn Co KC, 2-25-12